Sectors of industry


We supply special films for racing, but also for the automotive industry, among others, self-adhesive, equipped cable clamps or similar products.

Aviation Industry

With our films, we ensure that the inner and outer skin of the aircraft remains intact. With our strict quality controls, we meet almost all of the manufacturers' requirements in the areas of safety and logistics.

Construction industry

Whether for waterproofing or fire protection, to compensate for height differences, for raised floor construction or for insulation. Our films are used in the construction of houses and commercial buildings.

Electrical engineering

In numerous electrical appliances, our films are used either as a conductive element or for shielding from unwanted influences.

Food industry

We also manufacture for the food industry. Here, a wide variety of film combinations are combined with each other to achieve optimal barrier properties for the protection of the filling material.

Measurement and analysis technology

Among other things, non-destructive layer thickness measurement procedures are used in road construction. The electromagnetic test method requires a metallic counter pole for thickness determination. For this purpose, we produce commercially available reflectors in all common standard formats.

Pharmaceutical industry

Composite film combinations or self-adhesive parts for the pharmaceutical industry are manufactured in compliance with certified hygiene standards.

Graphic industry

A wide variety of substrate materials can be equipped with self-adhesive. Furthermore, we can laminate composite combinations which can be used in various printing applications.

"Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN 15593."

Thomas Offergeld, Managing Director

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